Northland Bark Mulch

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Superior Bark Mulches

Premium Mix (Screened)

100% softwood bark, aged up to 30+ years in unprocessed stockpiles, creating a mulch that is pH neutral with a natrual, uniform “rich chocolate brown” color and an earthy aroma. Made from hemlock bark with some spruce and fir. Ground and screened at our facility to 2″.

Midnight Mix (Ground)

This product was created for our customers who prefer a darker color than our premium mix offers. It is made from 100% softwood bark, aged to 30+ years then color infused during the grinding process to give this product its “Midnight Black” color. It will have the same earthy aroma as the Premium Mix but will be lighter in weight.

Erosion Control Mix

This product offers larger material for a variety of different uses. It is a material that has gone through a different process than Premium Mixes and has considerably less fines in it. This is an all natural decomposable product with no stump or demolition material. Household customers have used it on sloped banks, walking paths, and ground leveling. Contractors have used it to help create retention ponds as well as aid in erosion on slopes or in filter berms instead of silt fencing.

Fresh Hemlock

Hemlock bark from Maine landscape timber and lumber mills with a unique “red” color and appeal. Hemlock bark is high in natural oils, found to repel ants and other insects when the mulch is fresh. Ground and screened at our facility to 2″(-).

High Quality Soil Products


Made from a mix of 100% forest derived organic materials and soil, silt, sand and pot ash; stockpiled, naturally composted and screened to 1/2″ (-). This product is high in organic matter and has a neutral pH with all major nutrients availalbe at optimal levels for use in restoring lawns and general use. Also recommended for use in bare ground mulching and erosiion control. An ideal conditioner to increase porosity and drainage in claybased soils.

Loam Mix

High quality forest loam mixed with a blend of cycle grow, peat moss and high quality compost. Dark in color and rich in nutrients, this loam is very easy to work with. It can be used to til into existing soil for a soil boost or can be used a stand alone soil. There is no municipal compost added to any of our soils, which allow all of them to be used in vegetable and herb gardens.