Northland Bark Mulch

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a yard cover?

Here is a quick conversion table to help you judge how much mulch you’ll need.

One Yard Spread at Will Cover
1 inch deep 324 square feet
2 inches deep 162 square feet
3 inches deep 108 square feet
4 inches deep 81 square feet
5 inches deep 64 square feet
6 inches deep 54 square feet

How much mulch will I need?

First determine the size of your area and how deep you will spread the mulch. From that information, simply use the conversion chart below:

Step One: determine area size (length in feet x width in feet) = square feet

Step Two: multiply square feet by appropriate depth number from chart = cubic feet

1 inch: multiply by .08
2 inches: multiply by .16
3 inches: multiply by .25
4 inches: multiply by .33
5 inches: multiply by .42
6 inches: multiply by .50

Step Three: divide cubic feet by 27 to give you cubic yard(s). This is the number of yards you will need to purchase to achieve your desired spread.


How many yards to cover an area 21 feet long and 15 feet wide to be covered 4 inches deep with mulch?

Step One: (determine sq. feet) 21 feet long x 15 feet wide = 315 square feet
Step Two: (determine cubic feet) 315 square feet x .33 (chart number for 4 inches deep) = 103.95 cubic feet
Step Three: (determine cubic yards) 103.95 cubic feet divided by 27 = 3.85 cubic yards (round up to 4 cubic yards)