Northland Bark Mulch

29 Champion Lane Milford, ME 04461 | Tel: 207-827-4837 | Fax: 207-827-6959

Northland Bark Mulch Co.

tractor1Welcome to Northland Bark Mulch Company online. Established in 1977, Northland Bark Mulch Company’s products are processed and screened on site to produce the freshest, highest quality mulches and soil products available.

Raw materials that go into our mulches and soil products are transported in their unprocessed form to us in Milford, Maine. Our mulches and soil products are produced by recycling forest derived by-products from lumber and building material manufacturers in Maine.

No trees are cut solely for the production of Northland Bark Mulch Company products.

Bulk pick-ups are encouraged. Delivery is available. Call us today at 207-827-4837 or use our online contact form for more information.

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